A wide-ranging selection: folkloric influences and field recordings, South African spiritual jazz, New Age meditations, roving live sets, spacey grooves, and more.
A manageable amount of excellent music. Lots of eclectic art-pop by brilliant women, plus experimental guitarists, jazzy lounge, and more.
Fantasy synths, intellectual and emotional horror, and more.
That’s the American Indian Movement, FYI. Plus my favorite online bookstore and a Chilean novella I loved.
Free jazz, the American Beatle, Chandra & friends, an extremely intriguing podcast about a seemingly lame subject, plus more!
Melancholic exuberance, a virtual music-and-art experience you can't miss, a formally inventive novel, a marketing mystery, a personal essay about pop…
Plus a Shelley Duvall interview, James Baldwin documentary, the weird blobs of Oakville, not one but two playlists, and somehow even more!
This month we traverse space and time with playlists and Rod Serling and study how life inspires art with a beautiful and bizarre sci-fi romance.
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